This topic comes from Tianjin Science and technology research and cultivation project “Research on sot semiconductor device packaging technology”. This project has passed the appraisal and acceptance of Tianjin Science and Technology Commission. Its technology is the first in China and at the leading level in China. Two national patents have been applied for the electromagnetic vibrating disk feeding system. Electromagnetic vibrator feeding is the most common way to realize automatic feeding and orientation in the production process of components in semiconductor industry, and its cost accounts for about 30% ~ 40% of the equipment manufacturing cost. Compared with other feeding systems, the electromagnetic vibration disk has the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, reliable and stable parts, small mutual friction between parts, not easy to damage materials, good universality, convenient variety change, fast feeding speed and easy adjustment. During the feeding process, the parts can be directionally sorted by means of baffle, notch or partial weight, and the materials can be supplied after separation and screening. It can also be operated in high temperature, low temperature or vacuum environment. At present, there are several domestic manufacturers of electromagnetic vibration disks for semiconductor device feeding, and most of them map foreign products or design them completely based on experience. Moreover, there is no complete introduction to the design method of electromagnetic vibration disk at present. This paper tries to obtain the calculation method of various motion parameters that determine the feeding performance of electromagnetic vibrating plate by analyzing the kinematic characteristics of vibrating plate and linear vibrating feeder; Through dynamic analysis, the calculation and design of electromagnetic vibrating plate, plate spring and electromagnet are studied; Analyze the natural posture of parts in the electromagnetic vibration plate, study the orientation and whole column of parts in the electromagnetic vibration plate, and design the orientation mechanism for sot123 elements; According to the requirements of the subject, the scheme of polarity discrimination in advance is designed by installing color sensor and separation mechanism on the linear vibration feeder.

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